Zomodo - Designer Stainless Steel Faucets

Visit www.zomodo.ca/collection/faucet/ to see the range of designer faucets available in Canada.

Zomodo’s innovative kitchen products bring functional modern designed products to your home. Zomodo uses only the best materials and newest technology to produce to the highest quality standard.

Zomodo’s Stainless Steel Faucets are 100% lead fee and void of any heavy metals. Stainless steel faucets allow for safer and cleaner water for your family! With a large range of colours & styles, Zomodo Faucets are the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor kitchen.


Zomodo Deccor Sink Faucet Kitchen Zomodo Deccor Sink Faucet Kitchen Deccor Faucet Tap Kitchen Zomodo Taps Deccor Kitchen Sink

TradeSinks - Industry Standard Faucets

View our catalogue at www.tradesinks.ca

Tradesinks is a company based in China that specializes in high volume, solid quality, pressed sinks. Tradesinks was recently granted special status by CBSA for in the Canadian market.

TradeSinks Faucets will fit seamlessly with any product from our sinkware range. Affordable and made to the highest quality standard, this range of brass faucets are easily kitted with any TradeSink to offer a easy, functional and stylish solution to any building project.


TradeSinks Faucets Deccor Kitchen Canada TS Faucet