Zomodo - Australian Designer Sinks

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At Zomodo we create products by combining imagination and engineering. Great design is our foundation.

The kitchen is the heart of any home: a place where we prepare food, entertain and interact with others. Because Zomodo understands the importance of the kitchen to any home, we passionately believe that it should be both beautifully designed and supremely functional.

With these as guidelines, Zomodo innovates sinkware and fitted accessories that allow you to create the kitchen you really desire. We use the highest quality materials to produce handcrafted and pressed sinkware, that is not only a pleasure to use but also extremely durable.


Zomodo Deccor Sinkware Zomodo Butler Sink Kitchen Zomodo Kitchen Sink Faucet Zomodo Drainer Tray Kitchen Accessory

TradeSinks - Industry Standard Sinks

Visit Tradesink Canada's website at to see the catalogue.

Tradesinks is a company based in China that specializes in high volume, solid quality, pressed sinks. The product range is specifically focused on affordability and quality, whilst satisfying the traditional dimensional and installation systems of the Canadian market.

Tradesinks was recently granted special status by CBSA for in the Canadian market. This enable Tradesinks to offer products at competitive prices.

The sinks are fully CSA certified and are complemented by a range of designer accessories.


TradeSinks Deccor Kitchen Sink Canada TradeSinks Deccor Kitchen Sink Canada

Elleci - Italian Designer Granite Sinks

Visit Elleci's international website at to view more about Elleci as a company.

Contact Deccor directly to get a catalogue of the Elleci sink models we are carrying for distribution in Canada or view them on our online Elleci catalogue at:

Elleci Italian Composite Sinkware, have over 25 years experience crafting beautiful and sophisticated Italian designed Composite Sinks. Made in Italy, these Eco-Friendly, Red-Dot Design Award Winning Kitchen Sinks are durable are engineered to last.

In our range you will find a wide range of colours and bowl combinations, with matching accessories that will meet your needs and enhance your designer kitchen.


Elleci Sink Deccor Canada Kitchen Elleci Sink Deccor Canada Kitchen